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Azure Automation Runtime Environment Module Management

As Azure Automation Runtime Environment now is public preview, I have released a new version of Powershell module management Runbooks. Finally one can programmatically manage Powershell modules for both 7.x and 5.1 environments.They can be either imported directly from AA through Runbook gallery or just grab them from github. Import-PSGalleryModuleAArte Update-PSGalleryModuleAArte Happy tinkering!

By Morten Lerudjordet January 27, 2024 0

Update AA module management

Just a quick post, I updated the Import-PSGalleryModulesToAA.ps1 runbook to also handle running on a new Azure Automation account. The runbook will now bring AzureRM.Profile, AzureRM.Automation, AzureRM.Resources up to the latest version before importing other modules. You will need to also set the parameters AutomationAccountName and AutomationResourceGroupName as the logic that automatically discovers the AA account does…

By Morten Lerudjordet June 27, 2020 0

Azure Automation: update them modules redux

I did some work on updating the Update-AzureAHybridWorkerModules script I previously published here. It was a very basic script that only updated modules on hybrid workers that had been installed by using Install-Module. After thinking a bit, and becoming ever increasingly frustrated that we still do not have logic for automatically syncing modules installed in…

By Morten Lerudjordet December 25, 2018 0

Azure Automation runbook logging

For any automation tool, logging is pretty important. Though I would also say readability of the logs is something one should also think about when writing code. The general consensus in AA for logging is that one should use: Write-Error Write-Warning Write-Verbose Write-Output as the accepted ways of moving information to the different log types.…

By Morten Lerudjordet October 26, 2018 0